Boutique Events
in Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus

Fabulous Parties, Milestone Celebrations and Destination Weddings

Since 1989 we have mastered the art of entertaining with a stylish flair. Top international firms entrust us with their events, handling a multitude of successful happenings, ranging from Corporate Parties, prestigious Private Bashes, to Team Building Competitive Activities.
The OM DMC luxury events group recently launched Dreamy Celebrations, with seriously ambitious goals to exceed in the planning of destination weddings and unique celebrations.
We plan events at select locations in mainland Greece, such as Athens, the Athens Riviera, Peloponnese and at lifestyle islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Cyprus.

No matter what the theme of the party, a detailed proposal will provide you with possible venues suitable to the budget and concept. From fun to funky, hip or elegant anything is possible amongst carefully selected surroundings. Special lighting effects, avant garde music selection, stunning setup and design of venue with hand-picked décor elements will await the guests.


Birthdays or anniversaries are special and need to be celebrated in a unique manner, so several options are clearly presented designing a theme that reflects and celebrates the life and style of the person. Pre and post ideas for family and friends, that might want to further experience the region, will be provided to keep them entertained throughout their stay.


Finding suitable locations is our expertise, with perfect settings designed by our knowledgeable team always guided by one’s specific needs and desired theme. Meticulously conceived ideas for destination weddings and celebratory events are prepared, with a detailed step by step plan, including a site visit where all suggested is pinpointed leaving nothing to chance.